Generosity consists not in the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed – Mahatma Gandhi


Yolanda Ugo Foundation is about people. The desire is to stand as beacon of hope between the orphan, the widow, and the less privileged; and their needs. To connect with them in love as human beings, support their education, and relieve their burdens in any way possible.

For the foundation, anybody that sees a need can be a partner; anybody that feels the need to reach out has a solution; and anybody already reaching out remains an inspiration. In the words of Florence Nightingale, ‘’Together we can do much more.’’ Do you have an event or a function coming up? Let Yolanda sing for you. This is how one other child gets his next meal. Do you have a heart for charity work? Are you doing anything with widows, orphans or children? Don’t wait for the better time: get in touch with Yolanda Ugo Foundation immediately; the impact of everybody’s work can be made stronger and better.

At the heart of this work, is compassion. For friends of the Foundation, there is one thing worth their lives, one thing which inspires and motivates them: the weary look in the eyes of an orphan, a child and a widow, who though the future holds much for, the present comes with only hunger, disease and pain.

These are people moved by those whose heart yearn to touch great things, but their hands need a shoulder on which to lean. Individuals, ministries and organization that see charity, not as an act of goodwill towards the poor and less privileged, but as a responsible of trust, for the blessing of God on them.

Yolanda Ugo Foundation is actively seeking gaps to close, in the gulf between the needy and their needs, making grants available in areas which are not well supported by large funder. By a growing network of partners, they are helping other charity-driven ministries expand, and bringing hope to many an individual.

When in future, the word ‘charity’ is being defined, what they are doing, if it hasn’t changed the whole world, at least would give many people something to aspire to: it is a noble objective and desire everyone to pursue it.

our mission

To see the world through the eyes of whose hearts are weighed down by the burdens of surviving the very next moment

Make donations

Here at the Yolanda Ugo Foundation we work with a number charitable organizations and partners. The fund comes directly from Yolanda Ugo herself however we appreciate that there are a number of you who would like to help and get involved in supporting the Foundation.


To give hope to the dreams of yet another child