Generosity consists not in the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed – Mahatma Gandhi


Another in the line of gospel ministers impacting lives around the globe while exalting the name of the Almighty is Yolanda Ugo. Ugoeze Yolanda Ugoala, popularly known as Yolanda Ugo, born May 29th, is a Nigerian gospel singer who has chosen to bless God's people through harmonies and symphonies. Being the fifth born of seven siblings, Yolanda was born in Abia state, Nigeria. Her primary and secondary school education was done in Nigeria, while she completed and graduated from her tertiary education in the United States.

Yolanda Ugo's motivation is driven from her parents. Born and raised in a Christian faith, Yolanda started performing at the early age of three. From that moment, she realized that she wanted to move nations by her ministrations and music. She has hosted countless concerts both locally and internationally, travelling to every continent of the world.

Yolanda Ugo Entertainment, has produced so far, a promotional album; Shout, and a full album; Shining Star, ‎ which has been sold to millions of people worldwide.

The proceeds from her music career, rather than for personal usage, are channeled into the Yolanda Ugo Foundation; her non-profit organization with just one main objective: to be the bridge of hope to the dispirited.

Through this foundation, thousands of less privileged children around the world have had their dreams materialized and a better life fulfilled, giving orphans and also widows, the needed support and encouragement. In a nutshell, Yolanda Ugo is an international superstar, who is prospicient in extending her ministries to those who have not yet heard her voice. Her imperative mood grasps the congregation as she is ministering and they see her as an allegiant follower of Christ, and a woman of noble mien, therefore, the desire of the people for her to deliver the gospel is ever-present.

Yolanda Ugo Yolanda Ugo Yolanda Ugo Yolanda Ugo